What’s Eduvego?


Eduvego is a new generation platform for students and language schools abroad. It brings the students who want to study abroad and the qualified language schools in many countries together. Users can access more than 1000 schools from more than 20+ countries on one platform here. Eduvego makes users' language school search process easier by providing easy filtering, price, and feature comparison real student reviews. It's a time-saving platform for students and protects them from being affected by tuition changes. Eduvego recommends the best language schools for everybody who wants to study at language schools abroad, by taking their financial possibilities and expectations.


Eduvego users don't settle with learning a foreign language abroad, but they also get a unique experience. They live in the countries they dream of by studying at accredited language schools and interact with different cultures. They also take a good step for their career by changing their point of view.


You are now closer to make your dreams come true of studying abroad with Eduvego, the easiest way to choose a language school affected by many variables. Choose the country and language school that suits you best in seconds and get ready to go.


Don't forget! This world is yours with Eduvego!

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Why Eduvego

Eduvego lists the best schools from the most preferred locations in the world for those planning to study abroad. It is now easy to find the best prices, the best quality schools and the best choice for you! Examine the schools, compare them, make your choice. Discover the easiest form of language education with Eduvego to choose from 1000+ partner schools, plan your study abroad from visa to accommodation and benefit from the best prices!